Hats complying to current safety standards (contact our reception for details) must be worn at all times when mounted and correctly fitted and fastened.


Riding boots or jodhpur boots should be worn. If this is not possible a shoe with a small heel is acceptable. No trainers please as these are liable to slipping through the stirrup.


Thick leggings or trousers that offer freedom of movement. Jeans have been known to cause friction. Legs must be covered at all times, ie. no shorts. Clothing appropriate to weather conditions and that does not restrict freedom of movement. Waterproof jackets are recommended during winter or wet periods.


Gloves are recommended as they offer protection against the cold and give added grip to the hands when holding the reins should be worn.

Body Protectors

These can be worn at your discretion on flat lessons, but we insist on them on our cross country courses.